Structure of topics

February 04, 2018

Structure of topics

If you read WTF is Frontamentals (and if you haven't, why not?) then you will know that I made a promise to not make another tech blog. What do I mean by that? I mean that I am so tired of horrible coding examples and sorry excuses for learning that I promise I won't make you suffer through that. These posts will be informative, accurate, up-to-date and quite possibly humorous. I can only guarantee three of the four though.

I have a passion for learning and teaching. Coding has absolutely changed my life and I would love to be able to help you change yours as well.

When I first introduce a topic, I will do a high-level overview so everyone can be on the same page. This might not be ideal for you seasoned developers, but guess what? Not everyone has been developing for multiple years and I am tired of the gate-keeping (or semi-purposefully keeping people out) in developing. I think it should and can be inclusive. After the overview, I will then step away from the topic. It might be a few days or maybe even a week before diving into the finer points of it. This method for learning is called interweaving.

We generally try to learn the worst possible way as humans; cramming knowledge into our brains. We have been taught all our lives that hours of studying until we get something is the way to go. WRONG! A high level overview, introduction to a few topics that may feel a little over your head and then stepping away. When you come back to the topic after the break, you will find that you have retained more knowledge and feel more comfortable with going deeper.

Why does this method work? Because, science. But seriously, you should read the book Making it Stick by Peter C. Brown. This book will go over the why and how we should be learning. This book is the basis for how I structure the content I will write about. I would also love any and all feedback because it is the only way I can make these posts great for you, the learner.

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