WTF is Frontamentals?

January 31, 2018

WTF is Frontamentals?


-You right now

Luckily, this isn't another tech blog.

I am like you. I enjoy learning. A big part of our jobs as developers is learning how to learn. That can be a difficult task when all too many sites on the web are out of date, way over our heads or just straight up inaccurate.

How many times have you headed to a site to reference something and some sort of prior knowledge is assumed? I often find myself knee deep down a rabbit hole and now I am suddenly reading about early computing and the origin of why it is called a "bug in our code". Totally derails our learning.

Frontamentals promises to be different. No prior knowledge will be assumed because we know what happens when we assume (makes an ASS out of U and ME, fyi). If something does require some form of prior knowledge, that knowledge will be clearly referenced to so we can all be on the same page. The best way to climb a ladder is to start at the bottom and that is the same way with learning. We will build upon concepts to get you from 😱 to 😀.

But I am super 1337 h4x0r. I am NOT n00b

-Also you right now

That is fine! Too often tutorial sites are incredibly boring or make us wonder if we really even know how to code. I want to make you fall in love (or maybe even fall back in love) with coding and maybe, just maybe, learn something along the way. These articles, tutorials and stories will be fun and engaging. No more irrelevant examples. No more lazy examples. No more boring ass code.

This all sounds great but who are you?

-More of your thoughts

Hi! I'm Bryan. Nice to meet you. Take off your jacket and stay a while. PS have you subscribed to the newsletter? You'll love it!

I have been coding for long enough to remember $('button').on("click", function(){...}) being a great solution and hell, maybe it still is for your project. You are in a judgement free zone. Only ❤️ here.

I am a Lead Instructor for an immersive coding boot camp with multiple locations including online. I love teaching people how to learn and help them change their careers into something they can be proud of. I also like to think I am a designer but, whew darlin', if you thought front end was changing fast don't you dare peek into the design world.

So without any further ado, I want to formally welcome you to Frontamentals, your Front End Fundamentals and beyond resource.

Still want to know more? Go ahead and check out my personal site and hopefully that fills your fancy.

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Written with love by Bryan Smith. Bryan is a designer and developer hailing from Salt Lake City, Utah. Check out his website site here!